There are thousands of items of cultural and historical significance to us that are held in 3rd party museums or institutions. Most of which are dependent on following museum conservation standards and policies which are not always conducive to Indigenous pedagogy when it comes to representing and repatriating items.


Returning items of cultural significance is of the utmost importance and must be supported by all stakeholders.

Sncewips is actively involved in creating a more respectful process to facilitate repatriation both in regards to items of significance to the Okanagan Nation as well as other Nations throughout BC.


Sncewips is a registered repository and we can provide safe and respectful storage of items based on the guidance of our Nation’s knowledge keepers while still maintaining best museum practices.


We can provide a place of transition to assist with the return of ancestral remains. Sncewips has specifically designated a storage area for human remains. By no means do we assume authority, as we simply would like to assist in the facilitation of repatriating collection items based on the guidance of our elders and knowledge keepers.

Sncewips will never display human remains or items that are significantly and culturally sensitive.


We can also provide a final home for culturally significant objects of our ancestors as we are best suited to represent and interpret these items as they reflect the heritage and natural history of the syilx people.


We are not an art collector and should not be put in a position to purchase items rightfully belonging within the syilx Nation.



The Sncewips Heritage Museum Team

Phone: (778) 755 2787


Okanagan Lake Shopping Centre

Unit 260-525 Highway 97S 

Kelowna, BC V1Z 4C9

Closed Until Further Notice,

Thank-You for Understanding!

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