My name is Michelle Bolan and I am a WFN member and have grown up here in Westbank. I have 2 amazing children, Arianna and Lucas. I am a graduate from UBC-O with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. Throughout my studies I have focused on cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, and indigenous studies. I have found my education has been well suited to all of the various activities I have taken part in during my time at sncewips

I am very grateful to have a job I love, working within and for my community. 

As the operations and cultural administrator., one of my many responsibilities is keeping and maintaining all records related to collection items owned by or on-loan to Westbank First Nation and the sncəwips Heritage Museum according to best museum practices and the sncəwips Museum Policy while respecting our own cultural protocols. Although we practice a living culture, I believe it is important to maintain our artifacts and items of cultural heritage in order to help tell our stories from our perspectives. Having an official place where repatriated items can be returned to us is extremely important to our self-determination. Our museum is a place that I love and I take pride in our space and exhibits; I’m honored to be part of representing our community as part of the larger syilx nation in this way.

As the Operations and Cultural Administrator I hope to continue to exhibit our collections and improve my skills in helping curate our repatriated exhibits, teach the community and whomever else the importance of preservation, and to help educate the public about Indigenous issues.

Michelle Bolan

Operations & Cultural Administrator

Phone: (778) 755 2787


Okanagan Lake Shopping Centre

Unit 260-525 Highway 97S 

Kelowna, BC V1Z 4C9

Closed Until Further Notice,

Thank-You for Understanding!

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