What does the museum collect?

The Sncewips Heritage Museum collects objects and archives that represent the history and culture of the Westbank First Nation and syilx/Okanagan community.


Does the museum accept drop-off donations?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept drop off donations. All potential acquisitions must be evaluated by our museum staff with respect to our strict collections policy before we can accept your donation. Our storage space is limited; we can only accommodate objects that fit (physically and thematically) in our collection. We gratefully examine each offer, but reserve the right to decline. Please contact the museum by phone or by e-mail to make a donation inquiry.

I do not wish to have my name and personal information attached to my donation; may I donate anonymously? 

No. Any material that is either anonymously dropped off, or abandoned at the museum will be disposed of. The museum does not use your personal information for anything other than our administrative records.

My object has been in my family for decades; I don't know the object's history, but I think it might be Indigenous. Does the museum want this item for the collection?

We rarely accept objects with little known history; we prefer objects that have a story. Exceptional items may be considered for acquisition only after determining the object's ability to aid in the representation of the Westbank First Nation and syilx/Okanagan community.

My object has a clear and interesting history, but it comes from outside of the Okanagan. Does the museum want this object for the collection?

The intention and mission of the museum is to represent the Westbank First Nation and syilx/Okanagan community. Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations that do not add value to or compliment this prioritized theme. Please consider making a donation inquiry at a museum in the city or town that your object originates from. 

Will the museum issue a tax receipt for my donation?

The museum will issue a tax receipt upon request. However, the museum cannot provide an appraised value for donated objects. Determining appraisal value is the responsibility of the donor. 

If you have any further questions, please contact our Operations and Cultural Administrator, Michelle Bolan.

Phone at (778) 755-2787 (ext. 1601)

E-mail at mryder@wfn.ca

Or, our Collections Registrar, Deáni Mostert.

Phone at (778) 755-2787 (ext. 1605)

E-mail at dmostert@wfn.ca

Phone: (778) 755 2787

Email: museum@wfn.ca

Okanagan Lake Shopping Centre

Unit 260-525 Highway 97S 

Kelowna, BC V1Z 4C9

Closed Until Further Notice,

Thank-You for Understanding!

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